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CMO copilot — v1.1

Direct Messaging Framework Heatmap

We published the framework we'd used for direct messaging in a blog post a few days ago, which we thought would help anyone doing direct outreach.

We created this direct messaging framework heatmap to make it a little bit easier to follow: the colors change from actions requiring less personalization to more personalization, depending on the type of connection you have with your recipients and the type of message you're sending.

Using this framework is pretty simple:

If you and your audience both commented on the same post, you might share a related post, invite them to check out a related white paper, article or event, or ask them to expand on their comment.

Or if you're both in the same occupation, you might share a survey, invite them to an occupation-specific networking event or virtual webinar, or ask for some advice.

It takes time, but putting thought into DMs instead of just firing off spammy requests usually leads to a stronger, more meaningful connection that can build into an authentic two-way relationship.

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