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Sampling Generative AI For Marketers: Creating A Creative Brief

Is generative AI good at creating marketing management materials? Bad? Somewhere in-between?

In this series of posts, we're sampling generative AI for marketers by using artificial intelligence to generate specialized marketing content targeting a specific audience (ICP or buyer persona) for a specific product.

You can see the entire process in the attached real-time video, but the actual output is included below for your analysis.

Prompt Parameters

Target: eCommerce Leader

Content Type: Creative Brief Product: CMO Copilot



I. Background:

Our Company, CMO Copilot, offers an AI-powered marketing platform that strategically aligns marketing efforts, understands customer behaviors, and curates personalized content in one single, easy-to-use platform. This product will be particularly beneficial to our audience, eCommerce leaders working in retail such as eCommerce Merchants.

II. Objective:

Our objective is to engage, inform, and persuade our target audience about the stellar features and benefits of CMO copilot and how it can effectively solve their pain points while driving up sales revenue, enhancing conversion rate, reducing customer acquisition cost and optimizing cart abandonment rate.

III. The Audience:

Our focus will be on eCommerce merchants, prominently millennial females in executive roles, who are responsible for decisions within their companies. They take charge and prefer clear communication, appreciating directness with no subtleties. Their significant pain points include eCommerce competition, supply chain logistics, website maintenance, inventory management, customer trust, cybersecurity, and payment processing which our product remarkably addresses.

IV. The Message:

We aim to highlight CMO Copilot's overall utility, emphasizing its unique features - strategic planning, behavioral intelligence, and generative content. We accentuate that this product is safe, effective, popular, and innovative. The underlining messaging will be that purchasing CMO Copilot isn’t just a buying opportunity; it's a privilege that can curb the intense competition in the digital market.

V. Tone of Voice:

Our tone will be authoritative but social, matching the outgoing and responsible personalities of our target audience. Our messaging will have a clear differentiation with uncomplicated and influential language, reflecting our audience's preference for directness.

VI. Deliverables:

We will generate email marketing copies with enticing and authoritative subject lines like 'The #1 Way to Drive up Your Sales Fast with CMO Copilot - Your Best Digital Partner'. While our campaign will massively benefit from FOMO techniques, we will not include emojis but expert opinions and testimonials for added credibility.

VII. Metrics for success:

Our KPIs for this campaign will include Sales Growth, AOV, Conversion Rate, CAC, customer retention rate, bounce rate, cart abandonment rate, marketing ROI, and others detailed in the Company Parameters.

Essentially, this brief aims to initiate a compelling and persuasive campaign that will effectively highlight the incredible features of our product and urge our target audience to employ CMO Copilot for a significant and satisfying experience.

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