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Sampling Customized Chatbots: Ask An AI Chief Marketing Officer

Updated: 3 days ago

Could you use AI chatbots for research? Empathy? To better understand your ICP/target audience?

In this series, we're using a personalized AI chatbot to help us figure out our marketing strategy. There are obviously lots of other questions you could ask, but for consistency and brevity, we're using the same five every time:

  1. Tell me about your day

  2. What do you like about your job?

  3. What kinds of software product do you regularly use?

  4. How do you discover new products?

  5. What kinds of features do you look for?

Product: generic software

Target: CMO

Company: Professional Services: Marketing

You can easily test this yourself with CMO Copilot, since personalized chatbots are automatically generated when you identify your audience, or by using OpenAI to create a custom GPT.

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