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CMO copilot — v1.1

Testing B2B Content Marketing + AI: Results, pt. 1

B2B Content Marketing is one of those things that you can explain to pretty much anyone in three steps:


  1. Identify your ideal customer(s)

  2. Identify their individual pain points, priorities and KPIs

  3. Create high-value content that shows them how they can relieve their pain, achieve their goals or maximize their KPIs, ideally in some way that relates to whatever product or service you're selling.

In practice, of course, none of that is easy.

The good news, for those who are open to it, is that AI is kind of amazing when it comes to steps 1 and 2, and it's getting better at step 3 every day.


Here are two examples of ICPs suggested by AI for our product, CMO Copilot.

From my perspective, seven out of the eight are pretty good. The only one I'd question is the HR Manager, though I admit that the rationale makes sense within the context of the product prompt I provided.

Test #1 Results:


Profile: Freelancers & Consultants

Age: 30-45

Occupation: Digital Marketing Consultant

Key Adjectives: Independent, innovative, flexible, determined, tech-savvy

Rationale: They are constantly searching for tools to enhance their offerings to clients. The "CMO Copilot" will be useful since it automatically generates personalized content, and can adopt the persona of their different customers, a feature that would streamline their task of juggling many clients.


Profile: E-commerce Leaders

Age: 28-40

Occupation: E-commerce Manager

Key Adjectives: Competitive, strategic, tech-savvy, results-oriented

Rationale: More than others, e-commerce managers often have a dire need to drive engagement and maintain buyer interaction. The AI for marketers and behavioral intelligence feature in the product would help them achieve this while maximizing returns.


Profile: Non-profit Organizations

Age: 35-50

Occupation: Non-Profit Marketing Manager

Key Adjectives: Empathetic, mission-driven, budget-conscious, creative

Rationale: Non-profit organizations require effective tools to reach their target audience and donors, but they often operate under strict budgetary constraints. Therefore, the CMO Copilot tool is ideal for them as it offers a cost-effective solution for personalized, impactful, and innovative content.


Profile: Tech Start-Up Founders

Age: 27-35

Occupation: Founder & CEO

Key Adjectives: Ambitious, risk-tolerant, innovative, multitasking

Rationale: Startup founders are always in quest of software that can simplify complex tasks and enhance efficiency. They need to continually generate creative and engaging content to capture audience attention. CMO Copilot is a tool that can manage these tasks effectively and stay in line with their budget.


Profile: Higher Education Institutions

Age: 40-55

Occupation: Director of Marketing and Admissions

Key Adjectives: Strategic, student-focused, team-oriented, analytical

Rationale: To adapt to the changing higher education market, these professionals might be interested in an AI tool that can generate engaging content and improve their strategic planning. Particularly, the behavioral intelligence part of the tool would be beneficial in understanding prospective students and creating highly targeted campaigns.

Test #2 Results:


Customer Profile: HR Manager

Age: 38

Occupation: HR Manager in a prominent tech company

Adjectives: Innovative, detail-oriented, curious

Rationale: They look for easy and innovative ways to attract potential hires and improve employee engagement. The behavioral intelligence feature of CMO Copilot can help them understand the likes and dislikes of their employees, enabling them to create personalized interaction and engagement strategies.


Customer Profile: Digital Marketing Specialist

Age: 28

Occupation: Digital Marketing Specialist at a startup

Adjectives: Tech-savvy, ambitious, competitive

Rationale: They constantly need to provide fresh and engaging content in a crowded market. The feature of automatically generating personalized content in CMO Copilot can lessen their workload and ensure they maintain audience attention.


Customer Profile: Product Manager

Age: 35

Occupation: Product Manager in a medium-sized business

Adjectives: Curious, goal-oriented, analytical

Rationale: They frequently require consumer insights for product development in a quick and automated manner instead of conducting time-consuming video surveys, interviews, or polls. The strategic planning and behavioral intelligence feature of CMO Copilot can help them understand consumers' needs and behaviors, making it easier to develop products that suit the target market.

In Pt. 2 I'll use AI to enhance and expand these ICPs. In Pt. 3, I'll use them to generate customized content.

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