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CMO copilot — v1.1

AI Doesn't Care About You.

AI doesn’t care about your product.

AI doesn’t care about your positioning.

AI doesn’t care about your value proposition.

AI doesn’t care about your features.

AI doesn’t care about your benefits.

AI doesn’t care about your competitors.

AI doesn’t care about your industry.

AI doesn’t care about your go to market.

AI doesn’t care about your budget.

That’s your job.

AI can probably help you with all those things, but you have to be willing to put the work in upfront by planning and perfecting your marketing framework.

In my experience, that's built around three simple things:

  1. What you sell

  2. How you sell it

  3. Why your customers buy it

Understanding those things — and I mean really understanding them — makes everything else unfold organically.

From there, you set your strategy, decide which tactics to use, and then plan everything out in 30, 90 and 360 day marketing plans.

Not that doing all that is easy, but AI can be a big help.


It seems like the big fear with AI is that it will replace everybody, and just do everything itself. I think that ignores the fact that most marketing jobs require us to bring our individual experience and expertise to bear on whatever product or service we're selling.

We decide and then we act.

(And even though data and algorithms can help us figure out what decisions make the most sense, ultimate responsibility for those decisions still lies with us, as any recently-fired CMO who tried to defend a bad outcome with data can attest to.)

In my experience, using AI is like having a personal jet pack that cuts your commute time by 90%.

Or an exoskeleton that enables you to lift 10,000 pounds.

Or a Harry Potter spell that works in real life.

The two main arguments against using AI are that it (1) makes mistakes and (2) doesn't produce anything truly original.

Mistakes are an easy fix. Vet. Verify. Fact-check. And while you're proof-reading, make sure everything passes the smell test. Whatever time that takes will still be less than the total time you would have spent without using AI.

As for originality, that's a harder one to overcome.

But even if a lot of AI content is just "the internet average" or some "glorified amalgamation of best practices," that's often consistently better than what you'd get otherwise.



Without getting tired, blocked, frustrated or fed up.

AI towering over humanity

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