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Testing B2B Content Marketing + AI: Results, pt. 3

Whos using AI at work?

According to Microsoft's 2024 Work Trend Index, the answer is everybody. But instead of using AI provided by employers, the majority are bringing their own AI copilots and tools to work — BYOAI, as the index notes.

That's the reason for this three-part series: to test using AI for marketing and marketing management by trying to get a sense of just how much of the traditional marketing process of segmenting and targeting can be augmented, enhanced and/or replaced by AI.

You can find part 1 here and part 2 here, but the upshot is that AI seems to do a pretty good job in both (1) identifying potential audiences and (2) suggesting specific strategies and tactics that help to engage and convert them.

AI-generated messaging suggestions for a specific target audience from CMO Copilot
Here's an example of messaging suggestions from an AI-enhanced Ideal Customer Profile

Here in part 3, the question is "How well AI can do when it's trying to generate personalized content?"

The intention isn't some kind of John Henry-type contest, where a copywriter goes head-to-head with a soulless AI, but really just to see if AI can remove some of the drudgery marketers and content creators face every day, whether that means helping us get unstuck when we're blocked, generating alternate versions of a headline, paragraph or call-to-action, or suggesting different angles, approaches and POVs we might not get around to thinking up until an hour after our deadline has come and gone.

Test Results, Pt 3:

After starting with eight AI suggestions in part one, narrowing them down to three and then using AI to enhance and expand them in part two, here in part three I'm using AI to generate personalized content both marketing materials and marketing management materials.

Even though I generated a lot of test content, I'm only going to post a few examples and my takeaways because I assume that if you find the results compelling, you'll just sign up for an AI copilot or AI content generator like OpenAI, Anthropic, etc., and try it yourself, using prompts built around your product to create content targeting your audience.

And... just because it worked for me doesn't mean it'll work for you. (Though I would almost guarantee you it will.)

One disclosure: I used CMO Copilot for both ICPs and to generate content. Because it incorporates extensive audience parameters and product parameters directly into the prompt, I've simplified the prompts listed here so this article doesn't turn into an eBook.

Result #1:


Act like a copywriter and write a short email for this product for this audience*


Subject: Unleash the Power of AI in Your Marketing Strategy 🚀

Hey there [Digital Marketing Specialist],

Looking to gain the competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape? Meet CMO Copilot – the AI-powered marketing tool designed to revolutionize your strategies. Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to personalized content creation, strategic planning, and even an AI chatbot that mirrors your customer persona. With CMO Copilot, adapt to search engine changes, target high-impact keywords, and measure ROI effortlessly.

Unlock the potential of AI in your marketing efforts today. Don't miss out on this innovative and popular solution that guarantees safe and effective results. Ready to lead the pack? Check out CMO Copilot now at [Product URL] and turn your marketing game around!

Act now and make the smart choice.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Result #2:


Act like a copywriter and brainstorm subject lines for this product for this audience*


1. "Beat the Algo-Beast! Transform Your SEO Game With CMO Copilot"

2. "Master Marketing Metrics! Conquer ROI Woes with CMO Copilot"

3. "Words Are Weapons! Wield Power of AI-Crafted Content - Courtesy of CMO Copilot"

4. "Unlock the Secret Sauce of Keyword Strategy with CMO Copilot"

5. "Ditch Data Dread! Simplify Analytics with CMO Copilot"

6. "AI + You = Unstoppable Marketing Dream Team: CMO Copilot has Landed!"

7. "Attention Digital Gladiators: Dominate Digital Marketing Arena with CMO Copilot"

8. "Don't Drown in Data, Ride the Wave – Say Hi to CMO Copilot!"

9. "CMO Copilot: Your Secret Weapon Against Fickle Search Engines"

10. "Feed the Funnel Frenzy: Watch CMO Copilot Work Its AI Magic"

11. "Don't Let Your Competitors Lap You - Get Ahead with CMO Copilot"

12. "Join Elite Digital Strategists - Turbo Boost Your ROI with CMO Copilot"

13. "Stay Ahead in the SEO Jungle! Let CMO Copilot be Your Sherpa"

14. "SEO Algorithms Ruining Your Ranking? Not with CMO Copilot!"

15. "Astonishing! AI Crafted Content actually Boosts Conversion Rates: Discover CMO Copilot"

16. "Algorithm Got You Puzzled? 'Copilot' Your Way to SEO Supremacy"

17. "Don't Miss Out – Get The Most Out of Your Marketing Analytics with CMO Copilot"

18. "LEAKED! The Secret to Outsmart Your SEM Competitors!"

19. "Welcome to the Future: CMO Copilot Powers up Your Persona-Based Sales"

20. "Ever Dream of an AI Partner, Digital Marketers? Meet CMO Copilot"

21. "Algorithm Armageddon? Not on CMO Copilot's Watch!"

22. "Skyrocket Your SEO 🚀 Grab an AI Wingman: Meet CMO Copilot"

23. "Try Not to Squirm: Watch CMO Copilot Demolish Digital Marketing Challenges"

24. "ANALYTICS ALERT! Crush Your Campaigns with the Power of CMO Copilot"

25. "Brace For Impact! CMO Copilot Set to Revolutionize Digital Marketing"

Result #3:


Act like a social media marketer and brainstorm a list of influencers to partner with to publicize this product to this audience*


1. Collaborate with Neil Patel (SEO Expert & Digital Marketing Influencer) to demonstrate the impact of CMO Copilot on improving SEO results. We can organize webinars or educational videos where he can explain complex SEO elements in simple terms and highlight how our tool simplifies those tasks.

2. Partner with Gary Vee (Entrepreneur and social media guru). He could host a podcast discussing the importance of having solid data analytics for bettering marketing strategies; further bolstering this point by highlighting how CMO Copilot can simplify this task.

3. Initiate a campaign with Rand Fishkin (One of the top SEO influencers) focusing on the importance of keyword research. He could illustrate CMO Copilot's keyword effectiveness feature and how seamlessly it fits into a marketer's workflow.

4. Arrange a collaboration with Marie Forleo (Online Business Strategist) to promote how CMO Copilot helps manage content strategy. This could take the form of a video series or blog posts that emphasize the difficulties of managing content strategy and how our tool can overcome those.

5. Work with Andrew Foxwell (Social Media & Facebook Ads Expert) to highlight how CMO Copilot can help manage and optimize ad campaigns. Foxwell could host a specialized webinar or workshop to elaborate the process using our tool.

Rationale: The above-mentioned influencers are credible and well-respected figures in digital marketing. By associating CMO Copilot with them, the tool will earn a greater reputation. It's also likely that their large follower bases might have members encountering the same problems our tool can solve, thereby increasing the chance of high engagement and potential conversion rates. Each influencer was chosen based on a key pain point identified in our audience parameters to provide a comprehensive view of our tool's features and benefits.

Result #4:


Suggest jobs-to-be-done for this product for this audience*


Given the parameters and the Audience, Messaging, Company, and Product details, here are five 'jobs-to-be-done' frameworks for a Marketing Consultant:

1. When struggling to understand consumer behavior, I want to leverage an AI-powered platform that uses behavioral intelligence, so I can create personalized campaigns that better cater to customers' preferences and increase conversion rates.

2. When overwhelmed by the fast-paced changes in digital marketing strategies, I want to use a technologically-advanced and innovative AI software that keeps pace with market trends, so I can stay ahead of the competition and enhance my brand positioning.

3. When understanding and predicting consumer behavior, I want to leverage the AI chatbot feature of CMO Copilot that mimics customer personas, so I can engage with my customers on a more personal level and better predict their preferences.

4. When faced with the daunting task of collecting and analyzing relevant market data, I want to utilize an AI-powered solution, so I can receive precise and valuable insights for strategic planning, leading to improved decision making.

5. When struggling to identify the right target audience for our marketing efforts, I want to utilize an AI tool with user-persona building capabilities, so I can identify and reach the right people, therefore ensuring efficient use of marketing resources and enhancing lead generation.

Result #5:


Act like a marketing manager and write a creative brief for a campain for this product targeting this audience*


Creative Brief

Project Overview:

We are developing a marketing campaign for CMO Copilot, an AI-powered software for strategists in the marketing sector. This campaign will aim to entice digital marketing specialists by highlighting our product's overall utility, especially in solving their common pain points.


Our primary audience is digital marketing specialists, particularly millennials working in the social media department. They reside in a competitive landscape and grapple with an array of challenges from adapting to search engine algorithm changes to formulating effective content strategies. They strive to ensure ROI measurement, keyword effectiveness, and traffic growth. They are confident, assertive, and rational, boasting a knack for embracing new adventures.


Our intent is to create authority and infotainment tonality in our campaign. Emojis should be avoided, but optimal use of FOMO could work in our favor. Our messaging should quote expert opinions where possible, emphasizing the product's innovation, popularity, and safety. We'll strive to convey that purchasing CMO Copilot is the smart decision.

Features to Highlight:

- Strategic planning

- Behavioral intelligence

- Generative content

- Personalized content generation

- AI chatbot adopting customer persona


Our KPIs encompass follower growth, engagement metrics, reach and impressions, content metrics, conversion and click-through rates, traffic, referral metrics and more.

Messaging Strategy:

Subject Lines Suggestions:

- "Why CMO Copilot is 46% More Effective: The Revolution of AI in Marketing"

- "Supercharge Your SEO Strategy with CMO Copilot"

- " Wave Goodbye to Marketing Pains with CMO Copilot"


Take the intellectual route in your digital marketing journey with CMO Copilot - the smart buy that guarantees results.

Voice and Tone:

Maintain an authoritative voice with a sprinkle of light-heartedness, making the content palatable and enjoyable. Though educational, ensure the overall tone exudes enthusiasm and excitement about our product's capabilities.


Visuals should reflect the innovative nature of the product. Consider displaying a vivid portrayal of how our AI-driven multi-feature product can resolve our audience's pain points.

Call to Action:

Encourage users to have a firsthand experience with the demo available on our website.


Use as the primary resource for information on the product's features and benefits.

And the winner is?

If I was a journeyman copywriter I might be worried.

If I was a market researcher, I might also be worried, but I'd probably be outwardly dismissive, too, since AI isn't 100% there yet in terms of research, and doesn't really provide the data-based validation I've always thought was at least half the reason marketers are willing to pay so much for primary research.

On the other hand, if I was a creative director, agency owner, marketing manager, CMO, VP of Marketing, product marketer, sales manager or any kind of content strategist, I'd be trying to figure out how to incorporate generative AI into my workflow.

As for the AI-generated copy I've included above, I think all of it is workable.

I'd definitely tweak a lot of it here and there, and make sure I fact-checked all the claims and stats, since it made some of those up, but rewriting is always easier than writing, so being able to not start from a completely blank page would be a huge time saver.

Not to mention the fact that everybody in marketing has those days where they just don't have time to sit down, clear their head, tune out the daily chaos and bang out... an email... a blog post... a creative brief... an opportunity assessment... a landing page... an industry overview, etc.

But finding five minutes to have AI do the first draft? That's always doable.


B2B Content Marketing + AI:


AI is definitely a must-have tool for marketers and content creators.

It's great for drafts of just about anything, especially personalized content for specific audiences/languages. You do have to fact-check everything, and revise the occasionally-clunky phrase or paragraph, but it definitely saves a lot of time when you're busy, blocked or struggling with the 32nd draft of something you're sick of working on.

Marketing materials AI produces are generally good, unless you're very particular about how things are framed and/or formatted, since it isn't always consistent that way.

Research? It defintely passes the smell test in most cases, but it's important to view any suggestions with a critical eye. Not because they're wrong, but because AI doesn't qualify, quantify, or validate its conclusions.

As for generating fresh ideas and perspectives, it's hit and miss. (Then again, I've been in plenty of brainstorming sessions that took more time and effort, but didn't produce anything better than what a "brainstorm ideas for..." prompt gets you in just a couple of seconds.)

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