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Why You Should Create Ideal Customer Profiles With Your B2B Clients

I'm asked this question all the time and I think there are three reasons:

First, creating and using ICPs is a great way to get everyone internally and externally on the same page, talking about the same things, and moving in the same direction. 

Focus. Alignment. Direction.

(It's amazing how many problems can be solved, circumvented or avoided altogether just by having the "single source of truth" that well-crafted ICPs provide.)

The second benefit is billings.

Blunt, sure, but that's why were' all in business: 5 to 7 people x 2 to 4 hours for an ICP workshop x everybody's individual hourly rate = $$$

True, you'll get that whether you create ICPs with your clients or for your clients, but with sets you up for the third benefit: buy in.

When your clients directly participate in the process, they own the output. They get why it is the way it is because they saw what it took to create, which usually translates into a lot less blowback.

And unlike, say, having them join in on brainstorming sessions for creative, positioning, strategy, etc., the dynamic in an ICP workshop isn't as fragile and can't be "thrown off" as much by somebody who's judgmental, closed-minded, competitive, or just kind of an asshole. 

(Not that any of the clients I ever worked with were like that, of course; they were all kind, respectful, well-behaved, and provided nothing but good notes and brilliant suggestions.)

Here's an example of a B2B ICPs generated from an occupation and a simple set of descriptors form a white-boarding session:

An ICP generated by CMO Copilot

For a closer look at the process of creating Ideal Customer Profiles with B2B clients, check out Creating Ideal Customer Profiles and our Guide To Choosing ICP Frameworks.

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